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Offers you a quick yet detailed comparison, in chart form of 321
Spanish schools in Costa Rica websites.  These 321 sites are broken down into:

95 Spanish school in Costa Rica whose sites are up with up to date prices. 
58 sites reselling the 95 schools mentioned above. 
50 sites listing Spanish schools in Costa Rica. 
21 sites offering University, Internships and semester Spanish school programs. 
89 non working websites from the above categories still mentioned on other Spanish school sites.

What does this mean for you?
If you're interested in Studying Spanish in Costa Rica and would like to go directly to the source to avoid paying setup fees, comissions or marked up prices, then this downloadable excel chart will allow you to find what you're looking for via charts, columns, prices and location information.


This site is maintained and updated by
 Montaña Linda Spanish School
located in Orosi, Costa Rica

 in the hopes that future Spanish Language school students will have the chance to choose a school that is right for them without having to swim through the sea of marketing and school listings that presently exists on the web.

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Whether you're young
or older, in a group
or travelling individually,

4 main factors should
 be taken into

before choosing
the right
Spanish School
here in
Costa Rica.


As Hostel, Guest House, Tourist information, restaurant and of course Spanish School owners since 1997, we have come to know first hand about the needs of the average traveler and the importance of Spanish Language Education to the student.

Each student should think about the following "LLLP Quick Hints"
system to help choose a Spanish school that is appropriate for the YOU the Individual student:

L1-Level in relation to student / teacher ratio that the school offers

  • The student's present level of Spanish

  • Does the student have any learning disabilities

  • Can this level be improved in a multi student classroom

  • What would be the maximum number of student in the class that would still be feasible for improving their level.

Example: A beginner student can be in a group setting but an intermediate student with or without learning disabilities would not gain as much out of a group class.

L2-Location of the school

  • What type of climate or surroundings will help develop YOUR Spanish Language skills.  
  • What is the community surrounding  the School like.  Does the town speak English.  Has the town become overly populated by foreigners.  Finding a town where there is mainly Spanish speakers will make the push to practice Spanish an everyday occurrence. 
  • A smaller town that allows students to feel safe is the next step.  The chances of getting out and practicing your Spanish is highly unlikely if you're afraid of getting out and about.  
Example: The beach might seem like a great place to study but between the heat and temptation of the local  party atmosphere, after class studying is mostly put aside for more "interesting distractions"

L3-Learning Burn Out

  • What is the minimum obligated length of the study program offered by the school.  Many Spanish Schools here in Costa Rica offer a discounted price ONLY AFTER 4 weeks of study.
  • The average student can only absorb about 2-3 weeks of new information before overload begins, causing the student to feel frustrated which in turn affects the performance in the classroom.  The best package is a 3 week program including 2 weeks of new information and 1 week of pure conversational practice.
Most schools do not give refunds once the program has begun, which means if your having an overload of info, your classes will not be as productive as could be.  Choose a shorter program and then add once you see how the learning cycle is going.


  • Prices are normally based on what accommodations you are choosing... homestay family or hotel.  
  • Many Costa Rica Spanish schools offer homestays.  Please always remember to inquire about the family distance to the school.  Many in-city schools have their families located in smaller outskirts which can be a 1/2 hour bus ride away from the school therefore having extra travel costs to and from the school each day that are not normally included in the price.
  • Please becareful to check that the tours included on the site's pages are actually included in the price quoted.  Many have small notes saying that overnight lodging, park entrances and food are not included.

    A more expensive price does not mean better learning program

The Costa Ricans are wonderful people and love working with Foreigners and will always do their best.  That's how every school can offer a great personalized service and great teachers.

DOWNLOAD HERE your own HTML Version or workable EXCEL version of our
Spanish school comparison chart. 

Try sorting top columns by:Location in CR, Price of student ratio etc.
Click here for more information on our Spanish School in Costa Rica-Montaņa Linda in Orosi

Helpful Notes:

  • *CO means Classes Only ie no accommodations included.  LS means Low Season and HS means High Season*
  • After spending about 4 1/2 full working weeks in investigating, printing, rechecking and compiling the info of the above chart, we have, as owners of a Spanish School, come to notice how hard it is to see all the details needed to make the right decision.

So what do you do to choose the right school?

  • Know your LLLP facts about each Spanish school, check guide book write-ups like the Lonely planet and Let's go, review word of mouth message boards and most importantly choose based on your budget.
  • Remember: For every few hundred dollars saved you can extend your travel time ... Don't pay too much!!
  • Most Spanish schools do not replace or refund any classes missed due to government holidays.
  • Many Spanish schools charge a deposit fee.  Please make sure you are aware of the deposit system... does it come off your final bill or is it extra then the quoted price.
  • Many Spanish Schools sites have 2 price quotes: with homestay and without homestay.  Please remember that WITHOUT  homestay really means the price of JUST CLASSES with hotel accommodations normally be quoted separately.   Be sure to read the program options and INCLUDES descriptions carefully.
  • Most schools will not refund anything after your course has started so book less then more just to be sure.
  • Are you in doubt about class sizes?  Look at  the websites photos.  They are almost always showing at least 3 students per teacher.
  • Please remember that credit card payments in Costa Rica normally have an extra charge of 7-15%.  

Montaña Linda Language School

This Spanish Schools Costa Rica site is updated with any changes necessary
approximately once every 2 years usually around April.

Note: All listed Spanish School Costa Rica price packages were up to date via websites, emails or direct calling as of the date posted on the bottom of the pricing table.  If information is not listed, the school was not willing to give information or never responded to emails sent.

This chart is heavy to comprehend so please feel free to download the excel version. If you're interested you can always sort each column to divide up by price and area etc. to help make a better decision.  The file is called Montana Linda Costa Rica Spanish school Comparison Chart.
Hope this helps your search and please email me if you need any help @: